Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shrimp and holes in the net

I just noticed this great post on Pharyngula which fills in the details on the mantis shrimps with built in Polaroids.
And here's a bit more on the Internet black holes. From the article:
"Sometimes certain blocks of the Internet weren't reachable at all, Katz-Bassett reported, while other times only traffic coming from particular portions of the net fell into what's called a "routing black hole." When that happens, packets sent from one computer to another -- whether a request for a web page, or an e-mail message -- are somehow diverted to the wrong location, where they're lost forever." I love that "lost forever" - who says they won't turn up later? Anyway I guess lost forever is a common fate for information packages, just ask your average spermatozoa.

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