Friday, May 23, 2008

More satay prawns anyone?

It comes as no surprise to find that Australians are more likely to claim non-existent food allergies. I often hear people make such claims based on exactly no medical evidence. Unfortunately such claims are rarely challenged, by me or anyone else. Still, the next time I hear “I’m allergic to…” I think I’ll respond with “did you know around 9 out of 10 people who say they have a food allergy actually don’t?”
The ensuing lull in conversation will enable me to guzzle more satay prawns with equanimity.

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Podblack said...

Sod, I love prawns...

Hi, just responding to your comment on the Skeptics of Carlos blog circle - the reason WHY there isn't a list up yet is because we're still collating one! We just did a big draw from Pharyngula and got our second host all lined up on Skepbitch, the blog of Dr Karen Stollznow.

If you are interested in signing on (and getting into the blogroll), just zip an email to the handy email addy that is featured on the Skeptics of Carlos page. In addition, send one of your recent entries (May/June) to the same fine email addy to be a part of the next round!

Regards, K.